I believe we are here on earth for God’s purpose, whoever that God might be or the one we believe in and has created us; our sole purpose is to worship Him unconditionally. But we have lost the first love, the one true love that we will always put God first in everything. But we are caught up in our own agendas which don’t involve God or His purpose about our lives. a1

Its like going to a foreign country for diplomatic reasons then get to the country, find you a fine lady then get married to her and stay there. Leaving all the diplomatic duties that was assigned to you behind and you don’t report back and they never hear from you for 2-5 yrs. Not that finding a fine lady in a foreign land is wrong, what makes it wrong is when it gets you out of your purpose and you forget why you were there in the first place. After some time when things start to get rough and tough, then you now want to talk to your country so they can arrange an extraction.

This is what we do to God we do our things separate from Him and when we are hard pressed with nowhere to go then we call on Him to get us out. But He always allow us to go through the hardship of what we chose to do without Him, so that next time when we do things we will involve Him in the first place because we have experienced what’s like to do things without Him and they all don’t work out at some point.


Just like a teenage boy when you take him to school as a parent and he chose not attend school then when is time to go to college, he doesn’t have the necessary qualifications. He starts blaming everyone and everything, from his peers to community and from adolescence to school not being good enough but the only person he doesn’t blame is himself.

After we are involved in wrong businesses, careers, marriages etc we then blame God for failing us and not loving us like He said He does. But when your parents asked you if you were sure about that man or when they asked about that business deal and when that man said you want to mess with me, it was God talking to you through them. Because God doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve. We must have things here on earth but we must not forget the main purpose of us being here, because if God can cease to be God then we cease to live. We must worship Him in everything we do, we are who we are because of His Grace and Mercy.

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