Expensive or Meaningful

Does a present have to be expensive or meaningful? Like really, it’s so confusing because often time is the little things that counts; another time is the thought that counts. The other thing is that she needs what the present represent that I’m thinking about her. It’s all about investing your time in their life and also ensuring that they’re not always disappointed. The more time you invest in them the more you can predict what she will want and it doesn’t have to be a new car or house, it can be visiting her parent or inviting them over to your house. You can even arrange to go visit a place where she grew up or maybe listen to her childhood stories. Sometimes she needs someone who can just listen, who will not judge or advise her and don’t say a thing because the listening can also be the best part of the conversation.
Some time is about getting her something she never had in her childhood or take her to a place that she always wanted to visit when she was a kid, e.g. Disney land. Maybe y’all can watch the sunset or the stars, maybe y’all can go to the pack and act like teenagers and forget the formalities and age. The most important thing is the time y’all spent together; while things can be replaced, time can never be replaced. You can buy her all the roses, diamond and sexy clothes you want or even buy the whole store but if you’re not there, they don’t mean that much. After all how many diamonds does a woman need to be beautiful or how many dresses does she need before she looks like a Christmas tree? Because sometimes she rather be with you than to have things, even though is the thought that counts but the presence is everything. It says; I see everything that’s going on and that requires my attention but what’s important is spending my time here with you. Your presence will never be replaced by things, because sometimes all she need for y’all is to prepare Mac and Cheese plus Greens together or wash the dishes together.

Look at it this way when you are preparing dinner and you put lamb or turkey in the oven then focus on the starters, sides and desserts; and you didn’t put the oven on a timer. After a while you will find that the meat is burnt and now the dinner is ruined, let us say the starters, sides and desserts are the kids, careers and all other related things then the lamb is the marriage or relationship. The lamb got burnt because the attention was elsewhere, so spending much time fixing others parts will cause others to get damaged. A well maintained balance is required or phrases like we grew apart will start emerging.
The same effort you invest in your job so you won’t get fired is the same effort that is needed in the relationship or marriage.

6 thoughts on “Expensive or Meaningful

    1. Agreed, and I like the way you put it; its just amazing. You have said a mouth full😂😂🤗. Thank you for reading and giving feedback, I truly appreciate it 😎

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