Improve Your Relationships

Be Inspired..!!

How? You may ask. It’s simple, LISTEN.

Good listening can help tame your fear about relationships, meeting new people, lessen social anxiety, and boost your overall confidence. This is will help you not only meet new potential friends, but also depend all of your current relationships.

So here goes few listening techniques which you might want to incorporate into your lives unless you are happy alone :

  • Listen to Listen, not to Reply – Often we think about what we’re going to say next instead of really listening to the person we’re talking with. Give them your attention, and trust you brain to come up with a response when it’s time.
  • Pause before Responding – Giving a 2-3 second pause before responding allows someone the space to continue speaking and share what they really want to share.
  • Remember Individuality – We are all different people. When we enter a conversation…

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