A Letter To Zach (#1)

Dear, Zach

You probably might not find time to read this letter,
Or maybe you might not even find it.

It pains me to the core.
I feel hopeless, and emotionally tired.
Maybe I deserve to be sad, because sadness is the only thing
I’ve been feeling for years and I don’t know how to change it.
Maybe I deserve to be alone, and that’s why we can’t be together.

Please forgive me

Did you see my forceful smile, that hides so many secrets?
Did you see the tears in my eyes, The eyes that once looked too evil?
Did you see my heart, the heart that holds hurt and shame inside?

I’m leaving and I don’t think I will be coming back!

I must tell you
“You’re in love with a lady that doesn’t love herself”
I’m getting weaker by the day, I lied so much about my feelings;
That I finally believed them myself. I wish I could bare this pain,
But I can’t hold on much longer and I’m breaking down slowly.
Why am I the only one who’s crying and begging;
and apologising for everything?

I love you but it hurts
I’ve been lost, i’ve been down, but most of all I couldn’t be found.
I suffered a lot of breakdowns, from your end and decided to close the chapter forever.
I gave you my all and loved you unconditionally, but you never cared;
you were always focusing on your luxurious lifestyle.
I was expecting love, honesty and care, instead you locked me in your fortress.
I don’t regret loving you,
I just wish you find someone who will share the same perspective as you do.

I seal this letter with tears..

I love you Zach,

With love, Annah.

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