He’s Always There

When I rise in the morning, to the setting of the sun.
Am never out of your care.
If I soar up to the heavens and stumble and fall.
I know you’re always there,
To lead me on this journey;
Down the road that takes me home.
Wherever I go there you are,
Guiding my way both near and far;
There’s place where I can hide from your love
From the mountain so high and the ocean below,
There’s nowhere you can’t go.
Is so good to know,
Wherever I go there you are.
Oh Lord you’ve made me, you’ve searched me.
You have mold me from the beginning of time.
When trouble surrounds me
Your hand is upon me
You turn darkness to light
Nothing is hidden from you
Your love I can’t comprehend.
He’s Abel’s Sacriface.
He’s Noah’s Rainbow.
He’s Abraham’s Ram.
He’s Isaac’s Wells.
He’s Jacob’s Ladder.
He’s Samuel’s Horn of Oil.
He’s David’s Slingshot.
He’s John the Baptist’s Lamb of God.
He’s a Father to the orphan, a Husband to the widow.
To those travelling the dark night, He’s the Bright and Morning Star. To those of us who travel the lonesome valley, He’s the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, Honey in the Rock, and the Staff of Life.
He’s the Eternal Ruler, and the government of our life is upon His shoulder.

His Name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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