Public Relations

Public relations can be regarded as a communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its publics.

Public relations is about building relationships with public, telling the organisational stories to customers, creating conversations with stakeholders, changing and influencing perceptions of publics and also making news for the organisation. Public relations is also concerned with information or content an organisation communicates as well as the inflow it gets in form of feedback, more customers and profits from the organisational activities.

It is the aim of public relations to ensure that an organisation sends out the right type of content to publics with a proper strategy which focuses on how, to who and why content is communicated. The ultimate aim of public relations is to create and maintain strong communication links between an organisation and its publics.

Defining public relations has never been an easy task for both authors and practitioners mainly because the concept has different meanings to different people and public relations have evolved with time. Nonetheless there are various public relations definitions and they all try to capture the essence of public relations.

In this activity you should have noticed that many of the definitions have similarities and this demonstrates there is some form of agreement on some key terms which constitute public relations as a concept.

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