Only If I Knew.

Only if I knew
Loving you was the way to find true self.
You are the reflection of my true self.
Finding you was a way of perfecting all that I am.
And finding you helped me to discover certain things I didn’t know about myself.
Only if I knew
That by you I would learn that true love exist.
That falling in love is not just a fantasy.
Only when a perfect person is found.
Only if I knew
You gonna risk everything to be with me
If I only knew
I would’ve looked for you a while ago.
I would’ve never separated from you,
As destiny has always places us together.
I would’ve been there in your deepest despair.
I would’ve saved you from the pain,
And suffering you went through.
I would’ve turned the heat into warmth,
And comfort your troubled heart.
I would’ve destroyed the negative thoughts in your mind.
I would’ve never allowed you to face the hardship of life alone.

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